Knight/Dame Templar

The main and central Honour of our Noble Order, and representing the second tier of Membership, is that of the rank of Knight or Dame Templar. The Honour of Knight Templar is fully hereditary and is bestowed in perpetuity, and specially designed to provide an adequate opportunity to enjoy the privileges of ennoblement and title, at an initial level.By this token, the new Knight Templar may become fully acquainted and familiar with all aspects of our Noble Order before deciding whether to apply for advancement to the level of Knight Commander (providing of course such vacancies exist).

All titles are intended for use only in connection with matters of the Order and to indicate rank and standing within the Order.

The benefits, which do however inure to the category of Knight or Dame Templar, are as follows:

  1. Full hereditary title of Knight or Dame Templar of this The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar, with the legal right and privilege of using the honorific 'Sir' before the given name, and the abbreviated letters 'KT/DT' following the family name. Equally, should the Fellow be a married male his wife shall automatically and lawfully be know as 'Lady ----'.
  2. A full and formal Investiture in exact accord and timing as approved by the Inner Court. At this juncture the candidate will be presented with a Warrant of Investiture, a white Mantle of Rank and a Templar cross, enamelled in red and worn suspended from a neck ribbon.
  3. After a period, normally five years, of good standing with the Order, Knight/Dame Templars may be offered advancement to the rank of Knight/Dame Commander