Knight/Dame Commander

The second highest distinction of The Order, or the third tier of Membership, is that of Knight or Dame Commander and to whom all the benefits of Membership, as better described in the following paragraphs shall inure. It is a lifetime honour, which is extinguished upon the death of the holder or for any reason as more particularly set out in the Constitution.

A Knight Commander is one whose general contributions to The Order are the most promising, or in the case of existing Members have been most outstanding, and whose Membership is in the fullest and best standing from the very onset of his acceptance into Membership. This rank entitles the holder to the use of the suffix KCT/DCT after the family name.

A further Investiture to the higher rank is held at which time the candidate is presented with a new Warrant and a silver brooch. It also affords the ability to apply for recognition, subject to the approval of the Inner Court of privately created or original family Armorial Achievements (commonly known as Bearings) with the publishing of the same within the Order.

It is from this highly honoured group that the most circumspect selection of future Knights and Dames Seneschal are made. This very high Honour is restricted to those in good and full standing, and whose contributions in general, to this Noble Order, and to Society, are expected to or have exceeded all normal expectations, and in greater particularity, have supported the Noble Order in its many activities worldwide.