This is the level at which all new applicants join the Order. Effectively there then follows a two year assessment period during which time the new Member can utilise the time to prove his mettle and "win his spurs" as in mediaeval times. His enthusiasm and level of involvement in the support of the Order's charitable functions worldwide will be an indication to the Inner Court of his readiness to advance to the level of Knight Templar at the conclusion of the assessment period and will usually be the subject of an official invitation so to do. The successful Associate will be expected to show the will and the drive to support, in the name of the Order, local charities as selected by him and approved by the Order.

This level is denoted by a pin or lapel badge in the form of the traditional Templar cross. In the event that either the Associate or the Inner Court feel that the membership should not be advanced, then at any time within or at the conclusion of the assessment period, this decision can be taken.