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The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar

"Recognising Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things"

The Honours of The Order

The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar is a charitable foundation and the true successor to the original Knights Templar that was founded by the Crusader Knights in 1118 in Jerusalem in the Holy Land.

This is the only Knights Templar organisation that is legally entitled to grant Hereditary Knighthoods and Honours to the members of its Order.

Membership of The Order

The Order is actively seeking New Members (male and female) of high standing in their local community and with an interest in charitable work. The Order seeks enthusiastic, active Members who will promote The Order and assist in its charitable and philanthropic aims.

The Order does not sell honours, but rather awards them to Members in recognition of their actually raising money for charity in the name of The Order, or other direct involvement in agreed charitable works of their choice. On joining The Order, a new member will agree with The Order the name of the registered charity for which they will raise funds in the name of The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar, or otherwise carry out agreed humanitarian works on behalf of The Order.

The new Member is admitted as an Associate for a period of two years and when an acceptable sum has been raised, or other humanitarian works have been undertaken on behalf of or in conjunction with The Order during that time, then their name will be put forward to be considered for the award of an Hereditary Honour and full membership of The Order. The Order will have written confirmation from the agreed charity that they have received the funds raised from the Member in question, in the name of The Order, or independent verification of the humanitarian work carried out by the Associate, on behalf of The Order anywhere in the world.

Ongoing Membership of The Order

All Full Members are usually required to subscribe a small annual adherence fee to The Order towards the running costs of The Order. The Order is entirely voluntary and dedicated to maximising its charitable donations to worthy charities.

No members receive any remuneration of financial benefits from The Order. The Order has no religious or Masonic affiliations. It is a world wide society for fellowship and is able to help those in less fortunate circumstances, as did its forbears.

A press statement was issued on the 18th of March 2008 in the London Daily Telegraph in response to the Vatican's secret archive publication “Processa contra Templarios” and our Orders aims and objectives are clearly set out therein. The full details of the Orders statement can be viewed here.