Press Statement - London Daily Telegraph
18th of March 2008

The Ancient & Noble Order of the Knights Templar applauds the Vatican's secret archive publication “Processa contra Templarios” which effectively restores the reputation of the old Templar Knights.

The “Chinon Parchment” is the long lost record of the trial of the Templars before Pope Clement V and ends with a papal absolution from all alleged heresies, with the Pope obliged to ask pardon from the Knights Templar.

The illegal murder, by King Phillip of France, of Grand Master Jacques de Molay and Geoffrey de Charney by burning at the stake in Paris on the 18th of March 1314, as well as the 54 Templars burnt at the stake in Paris on the 12th of May 1310, leaves a very large stain on the French monarchy.

After 700 years the truth has emerged - Jacques de Molay was innocent of all charges, and the Order of The Knights Templar emerges with its reputation intact and fully restored.

Today, on the anniversary of his death, this Order salutes Grand Master Jacques de Molay and all our former “Brothers at Arms”.

As to the present, this Order, registered in Jerusalem, is to petition his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to annul the bull “Vox in Excelso” issued by Pope Clement V on the 22nd of March 1312 and restore the Order with the duties, rights and privileges appropriate to the 21st century and beyond.

To this effect, this Order now calls on all Templar Commanderies, Bailiwicks, Provinces and any and all such Templar groups and “Brothers in Arms” throughout the world, to contact us by email or post at any of the addresses below, to arrange for representatives to meet in due course at a consistory with a view to the renewal of the Order of The Knights Templar worldwide.

By Order of The Inner Court of Seneschals

The Ancient & Noble Order of The Knights Templar,
C/o 36-38 Westbourne Grove,
Newton Road,
W2 5SH
Associated UK charity: The Templar Trust