Steps To Membership - A Simple Guide

Historically, and traditionally, the first steps leading to Membership in The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar have commenced through the recommendation of an existing Member of The Order. This method has more recently varied in many ways, for introductions can be affected through the offices of qualified, recognised, and duly mandated Membership Relations Executives, members of the Professions, or the result of a direct personal response to media announcements and publications.

Membership applications will be considered from all who have attained the age of twenty-five irrespective of gender, race or creed.

Upon receipt of a given name, with supporting recommendation or referral, the enquirer is normally written to by The Vice Chancellor who traditionally will advise that before copious and somewhat expensive documentation is provided, the potential candidate is requested to confirm that he is able to provide references as to his personal, professional, social and community standing.

Following this stage, the official Application Form of The Order, must be completed and returned to the office of The Vice Chancellor. At this juncture, it must be clearly understood that the completion and return of this document, which is strictly private, confidential and privileged, does not bind or commit the enquirer nor The Order in any way, but is intended to guide The Order in such matters as the anticipated compatibility or otherwise with the rules and regulations of The Order, and of course with The Membership as a whole.

The document also assists in the completion of records concerning the identity of the candidates heir, the name of his wife if married, and who, as previously stated, shall of course become "Lady", and the names of any children who are entitled to be addressed with the Honorific "The Honourable" or "The Hon." before their given names. The document also serves in the avoidance of incorrect forms of address such as Sir, Mr., Dr., Professor etc. and to always clarify quite clearly actual addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and other information vital to good management.

After due consideration, and subject to approval, the applicant may be admitted as an "Associate". After two years as an Associate, exceptionally three years, during which time the Associate has the opportunity to prove his mettle, arrangements are suggested for the candidate to meet an interview committee consisting of senior members of The Inner Court prior to any final decisions being made by either the candidate or this Noble Order. The reason behind this policy stands as academic, and in effect supports the principal of quality as opposed to quantity.

Following the interview, a full report will be submitted to the next meeting of the Inner Court. Thereafter the applicant will be notified of the success or otherwise of his application. In the event that the application is refused, the decision of the Inner Court is final. If accepted, the applicant will receive a letter of invitation into full Membership at Knight/Dame Templar level.