The Constitutional Allegiance Fee

From the earliest days following the decision to revive The Order of The Knights Templar, costing and estimates have always been essential keys in the planning of the revived operations within The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar.

The closest consideration has been applied in establishing a pragmatic basis of "Allegiance Fees" which are the only revenues received by this order, and used for the overall support and development of The Order. This financial obligation is enshrined in the Constitution, and is mandatory throughout Membership and without exception. Indeed, the Allegiance Fee, which is a thumbprint of tangible support and genuine sincerity by the Member in question, is the only Constitutionally authorised financial requirement of Membership.

However, with effect from 2007, this annual fee has been suspended until such time as all the members vote in General Council to reintroduce it at some future date and at a level as they think fit. This means that there is currently no requirement for any new Associate to pay any annual allegiance fee, whilst the day to day expenses of the Order are being met by the senior members as and when necessary.

The Honour Code System

Inherent throughout The Order is the principle of "Honour for Honours Sake". It is unthinkable that this Noble Order should ever be required to 'press' a Member for the payment of his annual Allegiance Fee, when the Member's honour, as bestowed upon him by The Order, is in recognition of his innate and recognised nobility of character, and the trust, confidence and respect which is naturally reposed in him.