Impediments To Membership

In earlier sections of this document, and within the framework of the Constitution, emphasis is given to the fact that race, religion, colour, creed, nationality, sex, educational and professional qualifications, or the lack thereof, shall never be a test of Membership. However, and for the absolute avoidance of doubt, the following are the Constitutional proscriptions in respect of the acceptability of any candidate for Membership, or in the case of an existing Member, reasons for expulsion.

  1. The Member has not paid the Order the sums of money representing the constitutional obligation of the annual Allegiance Fee due by him to the Order, and has therefore acted contrary to the "Honour Code" of the Order.
  2. The Member has not fulfilled the provisions of or the rules of a resolution of The General Assembly.
  3. The Member acts contrary to The Constitution or any part thereof, The Memorandum of Association, The Rules of Membership, and or The Bye-Laws of The Order, or any section thereof.
  4. The Member has by his actions caused or is likely to cause the Order, or any Member thereof to be considered or called into disrepute.
  5. The Member has been convicted of a flagrant offence, by a competent and recognised Court of Law, saving those who have fully paid their debt to society.
  6. If the Member has been declared of an unsound mind by a competent authority recognised as such by The General Congress.
  7. If a Member is convicted by a competent Court of Law in any lawful jurisdiction recognised as such by The Government of Jerusalem, and or by The General Congress for acts of immorality or indecency.
  8. If any Member is involved in any act of pornography, paedophilia or bestiality whether passive or otherwise, or is connected in any way with the production, distribution or subscription to acts, matters, publications or groups connected with pornography, paedophilia, bestiality or other acts of whatever nature considered to be contrary to the accepted meaning of chivalry and manhood, the best interests of mankind, the sanctity of the family and the home, and the maintenance and improvement of worldwide health.
  9. If a Member is convicted by a competent Court of Law in any lawful jurisdiction recognised as such by The Government of Jerusalem, and or, The General Congress for an act of, or complicity in any act of terrorism.
  10. If a Member should become a member of, or in anyway involved with, or otherwise affiliated to any organisation involved with terrorism, and or the unlawful manufacture, use of, import or export of weapons of war.
  11. Clandestine membership or affiliation with any self-styled Order or Court of Chivalry known to be dissident, and or without a legal base, historic background, and contemporary recognition.