The Return Home

It became necessary to consider the choice of both the corporate and actual homes of the new Fellowship Society. Many mediaeval and ancient places having been at one time connected in some way or another with the original Mediaeval Order were considered. Equally, countries such as The United States were considered for no other reason than their "state of the art" communication systems, and other ultra modern advantages. However, after much research and consideration, it was realised that there could only be one country which history has "ordained" as the home of the revived Order of The Knights Templar.

Accordingly, The Fellowship Society of The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar, has been re-established in its original home in the Kingdom of David where, as previously stated, an ancient King of Jerusalem granted by decree the bestowing of Knighthoods on the then Fellows of The Order of The Knights Templar, and where, out of historic respect for that King of Jerusalem, the legal registration of The Noble Order shall remain.

Indeed, while the Fellowship Society of this Noble Order is, in the light of history, quite young, The Order has `come home' to its true native land, a land, which, like The Order itself, can be said to emulate the symbolic Phoenix, having risen stronger than ever from the ashes of historic and political adversity. It should be clearly understood however, that notwithstanding this metaphoric return home, this Noble Order is not a Jewish Order, and in fact has no religious, or political, or financial affiliations whatsoever.

An Administrative Home

While the formal and legal base of The Noble Order has been re-settled in its mediaeval and ancestral home, essential consideration has been focused on the selection of a more practical and accessible home as the focal point for the administration of The Order and for The Fellowship as a whole.

Our membership is based throughout the world in Europe, the U.S.A., Australia and China but the centre for administration and communication is through the office of the Vice Chancellor whose details can be found in the Contact Us section of this website.