The Present

Following the efforts briefly mentioned, a special version of the draft Constitution of this Noble Order was presented to the Registrar of Societies for and in Jerusalem. Applications were presented, considered, re-presented and finally accepted and upheld, and, after much effort, The Fellowship Society of The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar was accepted, registered and recognised in law within Jerusalem, under "The Societies Act 740 - 1980", and with all of the original prerogatives intact, and is therefore, by the legally implied sanction of Jerusalem, through the recognition of The Constitution, entitled to bestow the indigenous Honours of The Order upon its' Members and to exercise all the rights and privileges as granted to the ancient Brothers by King Baldwin of Jerusalem.

The revival of The Order of The Knights Templars, under its new name and identity and totally modern aegis, does not and cannot promise a single iota, or a fraction thereof, of a solution or answer concerning of the difficulties which can be realistically anticipated by men and women of intelligence as the world experiences the new Millennium. However, by its' very purpose, the clarity of its' vision, the simplicity and the insight of its' Constitutionally enshrined objectives and the sincerity and professionalism of those involved, it now provides to many a vital and compelling invitation to co-operate in supporting the new Millennium with clear and unhindered foresight and the personal satisfaction of participating in an advent unique since medieval times. To take the best of the original concepts of the Templars and continue to support and protect disadvantaged individuals on a worldwide basis and to be a force for good in the world.

The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar is a most Chivalric Order (indeed, many argue the oldest), and ennobles its Members by the bestowal of the indigenous and highly prestigious Hereditary Honours of The Order upon them.