The Intervening Years

Following the trial, what remained of The Order went "underground" having lost much of its wealth and influence, but maintaining such tremendous respect from and for the poor and the needy that many Templar Knights were able to live out their lives under the patronage and protection of local communities. In 1318, Franciscans and Dominicans in Naples were given permission to support surviving Knights Templars, and the last Templar pensioners were recorded in 1338, the very last one known being one Berngar Dez Coll, in The Sanctuary of Mas Deu in Roussillon, France. Fragmentary and unconfirmed history reflects other survivors in parts of England and Scotland, and as far north as the countries, now known as Finland, Poland, and parts of Scandinavia.

Although some of the remaining brothers of the former order who were fortunate to escape the savagery of falsehood, torture and death, were able to live out their lives in various monastic orders, history in general produces no evidence to suggest or evidence any real revival or resurgence of The Order in the centuries that followed its suppression. There have been literally hundreds of unsupported claims of such over many centuries and even to this present day society is littered with unrecognised groups of people claiming in some way or another to be the remnant Templars, and in many cases using the name of the original Mediaeval Order. However, these small pockets of erstwhile supporters, no doubt innocently but nonetheless inaccurately claiming some genealogical connection have appeared, and do continue to assemble as such even up to relatively recent times. In the main, these small isolated groups have operated in a manner best described as secretive and possibly furtive, but no doubt with the best of intentions. Indeed, while in certain cases claiming to have altruistic aims, their deeds are generally unknown and unrecognised.

More contemporary but unsubstantiated history hints at efforts having been made in various countries in many parts of the world to emulate a form of Order resembling the Original Knights Templar, but none, as far as is known, ever attained (or possibly, ever attempted) legal recognition or existence with the essential rule of law. Nor were they able to claim or implement any of the original prerogatives as granted to The Order of Knights Templar following it's founding in 1118.

Therefore, the way was paved for the intensive efforts, which have culminated in the lawful and timely revival of The Order of The Knights Templar by way of the creation of this non-profit Fellowship Society, with the legal and fully recognised name and style of The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar.

Notwithstanding the sadistic Papal inspired and promoted Inquisition, with the ignorance and cruelty of the Dark Ages, the devastation of two world wars with the resulting and unholy "Holocaust", the near genocide and tribal wars of the third world, the tragedies of Korea and Vietnam, and the brutalities of Mediaeval feudal Europe, Africa and the Far East etc., all apparent efforts by mankind to ensure peace on a permanent level appear to contain the same virus of impotence, incompetence and indifference. Even the great and intentionally "parent-like" National and International charities have been and are frequently fraught with failure and frustration and where the very best aims of their publicised good intentions are bled of true value to the intended beneficiaries through tragically poor administration, over spending, political infighting, and self interest.

When the best efforts of the best of people fail to address and correct such tragedies, it is time to reflect upon the lessons of history and to realise and recognise that which was and is good, and to expand upon it. It is time to clear away the mists and shadows of bigotry and prejudice or the fear of the power and influence and even corruption of inherited privilege, and to set matters in the clear light of reality and inspired intelligence. It has been this sentiment, fuelled by other and more dynamic reasons which has led to the timely and inevitable rebirth, revival and reassembly of The Knights Templar, with its obvious and needed vital influence in contemporary and future history.

The world has now entered the third documented Christian Millennium, and apart from the somewhat dubious promises of good fortune from the self-supporting professional politician, the comforting prophesies of the soothsayer or clairvoyant, Mankind, cannot by its own efforts forecast exactly, or even prepare, for what the third Millennium may hold.